Meet The Team!



John Apps

Site Owner

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Matt Thorne

Bailiff and Online Services

Matt has extensive experience fishing the lake from a young age. 


His main passion lies in outdoor sports, such as cycling, Walking and camping. He has a wealth of knowledge of the local  area and footpaths as well as outdoor activities such as climbing, mountain biking, running groups, events and also shops whic stock any equiptment which may be needed. Matt is also willing to take you out and show you some stunning cycling routes in and around the area, just send him an enquiry via the form on our website. 


As Matt is also repsonsible for the online management, If you have any catch reports or reviews, please don't hesitate to send them in via our email address, we would love to hear from you!


Bailiff And Experienced Fisherman

Owen is a very keen fisherman and he prefers coarse fishing over the many other branches of the sport, having fished in lakes from all over the UK and other very popular and well established fisheries he has now decided to settle down here at Trapp Fishery as “nothing can beat the peace and tranquillity that this beautiful lake provides”.


He is very enthusiastic and you will find Owen at the fishery every morning from about 09.00 hours. Owen is more than keen to pass on any fishing tips to newcomers and the more seasoned fishermen.

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